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If It Can Be Recovered, F1 Will Do It


We Save Your Lost Files

As soon as you believe you have lost data on your computer STOP what you are doing!  Turn off your computer and call F1.  We have the necessary tools to recover your data.

Sometimes you delete files by accident.  All is not lost, but first turn off that computer.  You don't want to risk over writing the files and losing them completely.  We offer your best chance at getting the deleted files back.


Back Up Service ~ Choices & Solutions

We recommend that everyone have a backup solution for their computer.  We will lay out your choices and recommend best solutions based on your needs.  There are literally dozens of options. 

F1 knows how to ask you the correct questions to be able to point you in the correct direction for your most value-driven backup protection.


We Service Customers Along the I-75 Corridor from Grand Blanc to 696

While we are located in Clarkston, MI our customer base is loyal and ranges from Grand Blanc down to 696.  Due to I-75, we are less than 30 minutes away from many cities, villages and townships.  

Are you in Grand Blanc, Goodrich, Ortonville, Brandon Township, Holly, Springfield Township, Orion Township, Auburn Hills, Rochester, Troy, Sterling Heights, Clawson, Birmingham, Berkley, Bloomfield Hills, Royal Oak, or Madison Heights?  Chances are we are closer than you think.
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