Free Diagnostics for Your Laptop & Desktop Computer Repair

Accurate the First Time Around

We use manufacturer diagnostic tools for analysis that is accurate the first time it is run.

We also give you a thorough estimate of repairs for FREE. No need to pay for figuring out what is wrong with your computer. When we agree on what is needed to fix your computer and what you want the computer to do, only then will we proceed with repairs.

Signs You Need F1

If you experience any of the following symptoms call us today to learn how we can help.

  • Computer is running slow
  • Popup ads
  • Browser goes to a website other than what was chosen (browser hi-jack)
  • Rogue security warnings show up
  • Blue screen of death
  • Login revoked
  • Cyclic redundancy
  • Strange icons show up
  • Computer does not start
  • Computer will not boot up to start screen
  • Printer stops working
  • Other drivers stop working
  • Lost internet connectivity
  • Locked out due to lost password
Signs You Need F1

Decades of experience and the proper tools are the foundation of efficient computer repair.  A short list of processes we employ include:

  • Clean up of start up operating system registries
  • Repair damage to operating system registries
  • Repair damage to operating system drivers caused by infection
  • Optimize for performance and speed
  • Verify integrity of system files
  • Verify disc integrity and structure
  • Test memory
  • Recover lost passwords
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