Computer Set Up and Maintenance: Keep Your Computers Working at Optimal Efficiency

Your Computer Set Up Correctly, the First Time

There is more to computer set up than taking the machine out of it's box and plugging it in.  We can help you make sure your new computer is working at its best right away.  Some of the services we provide include:

  • Computer optimization to achieve the greatest amount of performance
  • Software install for any type of program.  Popular ones include MSOffice, accounting software, antivirus.
  • Transferring data from old to new computer
  • Applying patches as needed
  • Hardware installation of harddrives, wireless access points, servers, gateway devices, switches, bar-code equipment, peripherals, byod
  • Install SSD's
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It is Important to Provide Maintenance

We all agree that ones computer is important to its owner.  Unfortunately many forget that maintaining what is "inside" is necessary to keep it running well.  When you hire us for maintenance we check over your hardware and software to make sure it is running optimally.  Some examples of standard maintenance activities include:

  • Proactive tune-ups and optimization
  • Microsoft and application patch management
  • Immediate response to system alerts
  • Printer support
  • Software upgrade implementation
  • System RAM upgrades
F1 Services Home and Small Business Networks

Most homes and small businesses need a network yet have no idea how to even start.  F1 is your solution.  We are experts in network set up.  Some of the services we can provide include:

  • Installation of your network using WPA encryption to protect and secure your information
  • Wireless networking for optimal convenience
  • Install firewalls and other security measures such as software
  • Addition and subtraction of computers as needed
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